As chair of LESLP between 2010 and 2013, Scott delivered the 8th edition of the LESLP manual, incorporating Lady Justice Hallett's recommendations, prior to the commencement of the Olympic Games.  He advised the Norwegian authorities on blue light inter- operability following the review of the Andres Brevik case and Police Scotland in advance of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He represented policing on a number of UK Government programme boards including JESIP and was responsible for CT military liaison and major event planning. Scott was commended for delivery of Project Temperer.  He regularly attended COBR and briefed Senior Ministers and Government officials on Protective Security measures during his time as National Coordinator Protect and Prepare. Scott also made regular appearances on mainstream TV, both in the UK and overseas, providing protective security advice.  In addition, he was also executive head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office working alongside the head of the Centre for the Protection of the Critical National Infrastructure. He was responsible for developing the   UK International Protect and Prepare Police Unit which is now working in seven key countries throughout the world and conducted a strategic advisory role to Royal Office of Oman between 2015 -2018.

Scott has a Master Degree in Critical Incident Management from Middlesex University and is a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. He is an Associate lecturer at the Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College and has delivered strategic crisis management training worldwide. In 2015 Scott was selected and completed the Leadership in Counter Terrorism Course at FBI HQ in Washington in recognition of his professional commitment to enhance the ability of law enforcement to protect the global community from acts of terrorism.                          

 In 2016 in San Diego he was awarded the 9/11 International Police Medal for Counter Terrorism.

 Between 2016 -18 he was the UK Police representative on the Global Counter Terrorism Forum.

Director:  Scott Fyfe Wilson IPM, M.A, FICPEM

Crisis Management Solutions Ltd. is directed by Scott Fyfe Wilson, who was the National Coordinator Protect and Prepare between 2014 and 2018; based at New Scotland Yard. He was a Senior Investigating Officer with extensive working knowledge in homicide and counter terrorism investigations, having led over 50 murder and Counter Terrorism enquiries. As an SO15 Senior Investigation Officer and former head of Scotland Yard SO15 forensic management team, he is experienced in bomb scene management and disaster victim identification having been a Senior Identification Manager for over 10 years.

Scott has delivered training at a number of educational and police academies together with conferences in the USA, Norway, France, New Delhi and Oman on a wide range of subjects including Counter Terrorism, Scene Management, CBRNe and Strategic Crisis Management.

In 2010, he led the MPS Counter Terrorism and Senior Identification Team in New Delhi in support of the Commonwealth Games. In 2010 as a Detective Chief Superintendent, he was appointed head of Emergency Preparedness, Business Continuity, CBRNe and DVI for the Metropolitan Police. In 2012, he led the MPS as Bronze Commander for the Olympic and Paralympics Games. Scott was responsible for multi-agency emergency planning for all 26 sporting venues and delivery of the testing and exercising programme.