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Current director, Scott Wilson, was the former head of Emergency Planning, Business Continuity, CBRNe and Disaster Victim Identification for the Metropolitan Police Service. In 2012 he was appointed as lead for Emergency Planning and Business Continuity for the London Olympic and Paralympic games, responsible for multi- agency planning for all 26 sporting venues and the testing and exercising programme. As chair of LESLP between 2010-13, he delivered the 8th edition of the LESLP manual. Scott has advised numerous police authorities and governments on blue light interoperability and has sat on numerous UK Government programme boards including regularly  representing UK policing at COBR.    He is an associate lecturer at the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College and has delivered training worldwide.


Strategic Counter Terrorism and Protective Security Advice and Best Practice for Governments, Business and Communities.


Scott Wilson is a retired Detective Chief Superintendent and former National Co-ordinator Protect and Prepare based at the National Counter Terrorism HQ at New Scotland Yard. He is a former SO15 SIO and head of NSY Forensic Management Team. He is experienced in bomb scene management and disaster victim ID having been a senior identification manager for the past 10 years. He is a graduate of the 2015 Leadership in Counter Terrorism Programme held at FBI HQ Washington. In 2016 in San Diego   he received the 9/11 medal in Counter Terrorism for “Extraordinary and distinguished achievement in contributing to the protection of country and the global community."  Between 2016/18 he was the UK policing representative on the Global Counter Terrorism Forum.



A full range of investigation services to the legal, government and corporate services.

During his 31-year police career, Scott has worked worldwide extensively on major homicide and counter terrorism investigations.  He has led over 50 murder and CT investigations and was commended 16 times during his police service, pre- dominantly for detective ability. Between 2013 and 14 he was head of the Metropolitan Police Intelligence Bureau where he was instrumental in a fundamental change programme of Intelligence handling in the MPS.